Curtis Park

Curtis Park was subdivided from the Curtis Ranch Homestead by William Curtis in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. There are several different subdivisions within Curtis Park, including Curtis Oaks, West Curtis Oaks, Highland Park, Heilbron Oaks, and many others.

William Curtis died on January 27, 1907, shortly after the Curtis Oaks subdivision map was filed. After Curtis’ death, a man named J.C. Carly picked up where Curtis left off and continued the development of Curtis Park. In 1919, J.C. Carly and the Hickman Investment Company proposed a conditional gift of land for a park to the City of Sacramento. The land was a strip 2740 feet long and 300 feet wide.

Curtis Park is predominantly a residential neighborhood of approximately 2,500 homes, comprised almost entirely of single family homes. Present are many classic architectural styles, such as Victorian, Craftsman, Colonial Revival, Arts and Crafts, Tudor Revival, and Spanish Revival.

Nearby Curtis Park Village is under development in the former railyard site, which will bring more homes to the area as well as shopping and other amenities.

Generally prices of these homes range between $350,000 – upwards of $1,000,000.

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